Metro Valley is evolving a new kind of nature responsive urban typology based on its philosophy "Sarvagun Sampan", with an intent to create a lead by example development model, globally. The project is an ITES Special Economic Zone ("SEZ") duly notified by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India with all requisite approvals from State and Central Governments. The project is strategically located on the border of south Delhi and Gurgaon. It is planned as a micro city, which is a proposed destination for global companies seeking a footprint in India in the Knowledge Domain.

The multi-faceted research carried out by Metro Valley for over six years, focuses on enhancing the dividends of various aspects of human life including work, play, live and relax by creating solutions based on social, environmental, economic and cultural relevance in order to deliver more fulfillment per capita from less consumption per head. Since these results could not be confined to merely running a business of an SEZ, as they had a far greater social relevance and could evolve more inclusive and fulfilling processes at work, play and in daily living urban situations they have been extended to find engaging solutions for the people and the City of Gurgaon.





We believe that every company must engage outside its own limited pursuits not only for enhancing the quality of life of only its own people, but also to improve the lives and the environment of the city in which they operate. Any such effort becomes meaningful if it creates solutions for people to live with dignity while lowering the environmental impact of their growth.

Triggered by its multifaceted research in the SEZ project, it has evolved two working documents for how the future should be built responsibly: IMT Manesar Solution Handbook on Industrial townships, and The Gurgaon Development Strategy Handbook on creating vibrant cities, which have received acceptance by the Government of Haryana. In these, Metro Valley showcases its commitment to create socially inclusive, ecologically responsible, culturally stimulating and financially viable urban solutions that can equitably engage people in and around the city, incubate opportunities, fulfill individual aspirations and stimulate every day living experience for all.

Metrovalley's research through 3D simulators prove it to be more energy efficient. FINANCIAL EXPRESS