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an Equitable
and Inclusive City
30-31.01.2015 Vigyan Bhawan. New Delhi

The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India organized a Consultation Workshop with States and Stakeholders on Smart Cities on the 30th and 31st of January, 2015 in New Delhi as part of its process in the ongoing Smart Cities Mission. Metrovalley was invited to showcase its solutions and approach towards making Gurgaon into an equitable and inclusive city.

The presentation entailed Metrovalley's research and the evolution of solutions for water, energy, open spaces, solid waste management, last-mile connectivity, transportation and various other aspects that will enable the citizens of Gurgaon to participate in the development of the city which will provide them an equitable access to facilities and opportunities while improving the living conditions. The presentation was followed by an interactive session with representatives of various cities.

The workshop was attended by state representatives, municipal corporations, government officials, industry and urban design and development experts.